Tanok of Ogo

A battlemind looking to be a merchant, as arrogant as he is opportunistic.


Level 4 Unaligned Harrier Battlemind Dune Trader

Heroic Goals

  • Purchase a Silt Skimmer, hire a crew, become an independent Dune Trader (also, name the company)
  • Establish himself as Tanok of Ogo, Crimson Legionnaire and Hero of the People

Paragon Goals

  • Found House Tanok, a trading house based out of Ogo/Tyr
  • Become a Hero of Ogo (i.e. present riches to King Urza-Zoltapl)

Epic Goals

  • Take over/Found a city
  • Kill the Sorcerer-Queen of Gulg

Wish List

  • Silt Sandals (Lv. 5), upgrade to Silt Striders (Lv. 12)
  • Sandstorm Weapon

Life on Athas is a harsh existence for everyone, in one way or another. For many, it is merely a life of sustenance. Even the halflings of the Forest Ridge, self-proclaimed ancient masters of the world before its devastation, often live a hand-to-mouth existence. Many are satisfied with this, so long as the race continues to, if not prosper, at least persevere.

Tanok is different. He has big dreams, and if he is extremely lucky they might not even get him enslaved or killed.

Born in Ogo, with a strong affinity for the Way, Tanok spent a year when he came of age serving as a skirmisher for the armies of Urik as part of King Urga-Zoltapl’s annual deal with Sorcerer-King Hamanu for supplies of obsidian. Tanok returned to Ogo with two things: his own weapons of obsidian, and a sense that the halfling race was missing out. Yes, Urik and the other great city states had come into being because of the hated arcane. But that only lent more strength to Tanok’s thoughts: couldn’t the halflings do a better job?

Tanok had only become stronger in the Way during his time in Urik’s army, until he was even recognized as a battlemind. The almost legendary arrogance of those warriors had been in a fledgling form in the younger Tanok, always a bit more individualistic than most halfings. Fully-realized battlemind arrogance combined with the more cosmopolitan outlook on life that usually accompanied a tour in Urik led to Tanok hatching his grand plan. Ogo has no great merchant houses. Tanok would be the halfling to make one, or at least create a business to stand in for one. Life in the town of Ogo, where halfings were more likely to trade with visitors than eat them, had lent Tanok a certain sense for business. The madness of a single halfling creating a merchant house or a great caravan was all that held him in check as he struggled to find others willing to help him, and even that was almost overwhelmed by his confidence.

Then word came of the events in Tyr. Sensing his chance amidst the chaos of Kalak’s death, Tanok left the day after the first rumors arrived. He was on his own, had no affiliations with any powerful patrons that he could benefit from, had nothing really but his own wits and weapons. But, after all, he is Tanok, Battlemind of Ogo. He’ll make things work out, he’s sure of it.

- – - – -

Tanok’s goal simplified is all about the bottom line: getting the most wealth, whether that be in ceramic or other more intangible currencies, as is possible. It is outwardly rather selfish an attitude for a halfing, but Tanok does intend for his profits to benefit his people (after pocketing a certain percentage, of course). He’s likely to split his profits three ways: his, funds to help his business ventures, and funds to take back to Ogo and present to Urga-Zoltapl. This somewhat single-minded objective will override nearly everything else, as Tanok doesn’t have much in the way of moral objections to anything in particular. Life on Athas and a tour of duty in a Sorcerer-King’s army tends to do that. As an example of his single-mindedness, Tanok is perfectly in line with the average halfling pragmatism when it comes to eating habits, and just doesn’t understand why everyone else is so squeamish about it. But if it might cost him some business, he will relucantly refrain and let all that good food go to waste.

More specifically he knows that he has to have people working for him, and he knows he needs to find a niche in the economy to profit from. Things that should be easy enough in the chaos of Tyr, he thinks.

Tanok of Ogo

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