Soren Ibrahim

The former leader of an infamous cadre of tiefling bandits, Soren travels Athas to find more effective ways to exercise his talents.


Level: 3
Tiefling Warlord

STR 16
CON 13
INT 16
WIS 10
CHA 16

HP/Bld/Srg: 38/19/9
Srg/day: 9

AC 20
FT 15
RF 16
WL 15

Race features:
+2 Int/Cha
+1 attack against bloodied targets
Infernal Wrath
1/2 level + 5 fire resist

Class features:
Battlefront Leader (Hv Shield prof + shift power)
Inspiring Word
Resourceful Presence (1/2 level + int mod damage on ally’s action point hit, 1/2 level + cha mod temp HP on a miss)

Trained Skills
Bluff (class skill from background)

Theme: Noble Adept
+1 PP and power

1 – Armored Warlord (scale prof, +1 surge)
2 – W Expertise ( H.Blade)

Attacks (Longsword) + 9
Damage 1d8 + 3

Tactician’s Scale Armor
Healer’s (heavy) Shield


Known as the infamous Soren the Sandstorm in the Road of Fire region, Soren gave up a life of banditry in order to explore Athas. He lead numerous attacks on caravans passing through the region, leading a band of thieves who had taken to calling themselves the “Sandstorm’s Slayers” to a level of discipline and efficiency unheard of in the Wastes.

Soren acquired this predilection for efficiency as a means of survival: any carelessness could lead to death, and so he sought to make sure his people survived.

One day, Soren came across some worn books when dividing the spoils of the latest raid among his comrades. He learned a few precious morsels of information regarding the history of Athas, and became hungry for more. He began specifically targeting caravans carrying such goods, and in doing so learned a great deal about formal military tactics and strategy, as well as more and more about other cultures aside from the one he was raised in. Eventually, he left precise instructions to his most trusted lieutenant, a human rogue named Tevan, on how to manage the Slayers in his absence. He plans to return someday, and use the knowledge he has gained to give his friends a better life.

He was found by chance as an abandoned orphan. Rather than being discarded for his odd appearance, Soren was adopted by the leader of the bandits now known as the Sandstorm’s Slayers. His rationale was that the child must have been some good omen; a reward for a successful raid earlier that day. Indeed, Soren was regarded as a good-luck charm by the bandits.

Soren Ibrahim

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