Dalin Chevara

Born into slavery, Dalin Chevara uses his esoteric martial arts to bring freedom to Athasians everywhere.


Level: 3
Mul Barbarian

STR 18
CON 15
DEX 16
WIS 11
CHA 10

HP/Bld/Srg: 42/21/10
Srg/day: 11

AC 18
FT 17
RF 15
WL 11

Race Features (Mul)
Counts as Dwarf
1 Surge/day
6 hours in 72 hrs for extended rest

Class features:
+1 AC and RF per tier
Rage Strike
Extra Basic Attack on Crit
Whirling Slayer
(1/rnd, shift 2 and all adjacent enemies grant CA when I bloody something)
(1/enc, shift 2 and one enemy adjacent takes 1[w] damage when I kill something)

Theme: Gladiator
Disrupting advance

Trained Skills
Endurance (+2 background bonus)

1-Dwarven Weapon Training (prof with all axes, +2 damage)
2-W. Expertise (Axe)

Languages (Illiterate):

Attacks (Twin Waraxes – reflavored as martial arts): 9
Damage: d12 + 7 (
8 when using “both hands”)

Carnage “technique” (waraxe)
Displacer Hide Armor (+3 and later)
Badge of the Berserker (neck slot)
Iron Armbands of Power (2/4/6)
Gauntlets of Blood (2/4/6)
Strongheart Tattoo
Fearsome Reputation (Boon)
Battle-scared (Boon)


Born a slave in Balic, Dalin grew
up adopting the bitter and desperate disposition of his brethren. Stronger and larger in
build than most of his peers, he was cautioned by his fellow slaves not to stand out, so as
not to be selected for the gladiator games.

He was moderately successful in this pursuit until – in a display of remarkable strength
– he supported a collapsing building to keep it from falling on a group of child slaves.
When he became a candidate for the arena, he was approached by an elderly mul named
Morrin who offered him advice for how to fight. Dalin, ever skeptical of someone
offering help, reluctantly accepted his training out of utter fear of what he might face in
the arena.

Morrin was a skilled practitioner of martial arts despite his age. He was a master of the
Fist of the Stone King’s Court – a discipline descended down from ancient dwarven
monastic orders dedicated to Moradin (although this fact is unknown to both Dalin and
Morrin). Over the course of a month, Morrin instructed Dalin Miyagi-style: using slave
work as physical training, then teaching him actual techniques by night. Some days
Morrin is nowhere to be found.

Three months pass. Dalin has been scraping by in the arena thanks to his training, but
tougher and tougher opponents are lined up for him. Dalin discovers one day that Morrin
is also a gladiator, and is only 1 win away (4999/5000 wins) from winning his freedom,
and this is why he is gone during the day sometimes. Dalin watches Morrin effortlessly
earn his 5000th win.

Morrin, instead of taking his own freedom, asks that his reward be that Dalin is allowed
to go free in his place. The arena owners, happy to keep such a skilled fighter, agree
with his conditions. When confronted about this, Morrin tells Dalin that his freedom is
worthless at his age, and that a young man’s freedom would help this broken world a
thousand times more than his would.

Moved by this selfless action, Dalin devotes himself to ending slavery and vows to return
some day to free his comrades. When he hears of Tyr’s abolition, he starts heading in that

Dalin Chevara

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