Sins of Our Past

New Allies, Dangerous Foes

Our quest finally began when I met four of the adventurers. You told me there were going to be five, nevertheless, these were the warriors I was looking for. On the eighth day of travel from the town of Altaruk towards Tyr, I found fate had moved me onto the same mekillot as them. I decided to take an unusual form and bide my time until the most precocious of them would reveal themselves. The little-savage Tanok’s will was broken and he approached. Then Dalin, a bald ex-slave, asked his futile questions as well. Even Sil, the sparkly-elf, and Malzra, the abomination, were piqued. Satisfied with the irony of the situation, I gave myself some cover and remained unawares to them.
A group of Silt K… undecipherable text and Kruthiks saw through undecipherable text and hijacked a wagon. My adventurers decided to prove their mettle recover the wagon for the Wavir merchant, Rhotan. They were almost immediately ambushed by the cunning creatures. After a near brush with death, the four made their way to wagon to discover the goods and dispatch of more undecipherable text. Showing a sense of empathy, or morbid curiosity, they moved into an abandoned ~~~~ tower and dispatched of the Ssurran that masterminded the plan. They managed to save two female wagon drivers.
They returned carrying some of the Wavir merchant’s goods. They showed some of their resourcefulness in being able find water and catch up with wagon. Rhotan Vor was visibly pleased and impressed with their survival. Even the mekillot did not expect to be carrying them again. But I did….
- The Wanderer



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