Sins of Our Past

In Through the Out Door

I’m starting to believe, my Lord. They are even more promising than you told me. This night they were able to gain entrance into the gates of Tyr, but it was not easy. Once they came upon the first signs of Tithian’s mess. Kestrekel’s came to feast on the decay outside Tyr’s gates. Our friends disposed of them quickly enough. The Wavir dwarf abandoned his caravan and took the party with him down the treacherous path to the back gate. Twice they were ambushed, first by Toothcutter raiders. Then Baazrags dived down the mountain to attack the wagon. Rhotan did escape unscathed, but his body guards were proving their worth. Rhotan found that the gate he expected to be open was shut. But there was a reason, wasn’t there, my Lord? Pathetic loyalists tried to stop Rhotan, but our adventurers succeeded at putting them in their place. The players in your game think they know all the rules, but the advantage is always on your side. They are in Tyr, let the games begin.
~The Wanderer



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