Sins of Our Past

Fear Embodied

I followed the group as they inched closer to the city that would set your plan in motion. It turns out the assortment of Sand Kobolds and Lizardfolk weren’t as rogue as I thought. An Id Fiend of all things was sending them to their impending doom. As watched the him consume slowly a blank-faced faced Kobold I laughed at the creature’s impending doom. Though his demeanor could not show it, the fiend weakened his grasp of the creature’s mind, and dear consumed it. Our would-be heroes would have a tough fight when they discovered it. It did not take long. After just a single wave of suicide attackers, our group burst through front line and confronted the Id Flayer. The Id’s demise was imminent, their power grows stronger by the minute. It will be difficult to avoid interfering when they get to Tyr. Many strings pull in many different directions. But only I pull to you.
~The Wanderer



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